Vantage Fx Review

VantageVantage FX is an transnational broker for forex (currency dyads) and CFDs ( Contracts for Difference). The company exists since 2009 and knows exactly how to respond to the wishes of its guests. The broker is substantially grounded in Level 29, 31 Market Street, Sydney NSW 2000 Australia and accepts dealers from nearly every country. But they also got a business address on the Cayman Islets and in Vanuatu.

The company stands for transparent trading on the fiscal requests. Unfortunately, this can’t be said of all brokers and is veritably delicate to fete indeed for the freshman. The strengths of Vantage FX are transparent order prosecution and liquidity delivery. It’s one of the many true ECN brokers. This means that the broker is connected to a network of large liquidity providers who accept the order of the dealers. The liquidity providers are transparently visible on the homepage. Large, well- known banks (HSBC, Bank of America, UBS, and further) are among them.

Data about Vantage FX

  • Australian Broker innovated in 2009
  • International Broker which accepts any guests
  • Transparent trading with abused derivates
  • Workshop with big liquidity providers
  • Real ECN orders and CFDs ( Contract for Difference)

Regulation and safety of the client finances

For secure online trading, broker regulation is needed by utmost dealers. It’s veritably important that the company has an sanctioned license (through licensing/ regulation) from a government agency to offer fiscal products. Sanctioned regulations are always subject to specific criteria and rules that a broker must cleave to. In case of violation of these rules an immediate pullout of the regulation and license threatens. The regulation therefore creates a veritably high degree of trust between the dealer and the broker. Fraud can be fully ruled out with a fully regulated offerer to 99 fully.

Overall, Vantage FX offers a veritably high position of security as the broker isn’t only regulated by the Australian controller ASIC, Cayman Islands Monetary Authority CIMA but is also checked by KPMG (auditing establishment). Every quarter, the security and administration of customer finances are reviewed and corresponding fiscal reports are published. For Vantage FX, the security of customer finances is veritably important and thus there’s also fresh protection by liability insurance in the quantum of 20 million USD.

Customer finances are kept with the National Australia Bank. This bank has the loftiest standing and a request capitalization of further than$ 93 billion. This is one of the safest banks in the world and, of course, customer finances are kept separate from company finances. Compared to other brokers Vantage FX is one of the safest brokers in the world due to the forenamed data. No other company offers similar security as Vantage FX through so numerous corridor of the business.

Vantage FX is one of the safest brokers

Guests’ finances are held at one of the top 20 banks in the world
Vantage FX is checked by the adjudicators of KPMG
Regulation and certified by the Australian controller ASIC
Regulation and certified by the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority
Liability insurance of over 20 million USD

What are the conditions for Dealers of Vantage FX?

Overall, Vantage FX has further than 180 different requests. These include forex (currencies), indicators (Dax, SP500,etc.), goods, precious essence, powers, and cryptocurrencies. The selection then’s veritably large and every dealer should find his corresponding asset to trade. The broker is constantly seeking to expand the offer and to apply new requests.

Vantage FX also offers 3 different account models (STP, RAW ECN, and PRO ECN – more on that below). The influence can be over to 1500 high for all accounts and the spreads start depending on the account model from1.4 pips or0.0 pips. The commission per traded 1 lot is moreover$ 3 or$ 2 high. This is from my experience a veritably small and cheap value. Vantage FX can be one of the cheapest forex brokers.

There are 8 different base currencies available for the trading account and also an Islamic account interpretation is malleable. Apropos, there are no retired account conservation freights. After my tests, the prosecution for trades at Vantage FX is sensational and happens directly withoutrequotes.However, you can rent a VPS garçon, If you need an indeed briskly connection. The support platoon will be happy to help. In summary, Vantage FX stands for a professional trading experience at low freights. The offer and the terms of the broker easily count the challengers.

Data about the trading conditions

  • Minimal deposit$ 200
  • Over 300 different requests
  • Several account models ( commission- grounded and spread- grounded)
  • Influence up to 1500
  • No account conservation freights
  • Veritably cheap trading freights
  • Spreads starting at0.0 Pips

High influence for European dealers – Avoid ESMA regulation

The new ESMA regulations mean that brokers in the EU can no longer advance high influence to private dealers. The maximum influence for private dealers in Europe is 130. As a result, numerous trading strategies are no longer doable and trading is confined by numerous dealers. A way out of the new bureaucracy will give brokers with a license and regulation outside Europe. Vantage FX is innocent by ESMA regulation and offers all dealers high influence of 1 500. Also, dealers can trade under the ASIC or Cayman Island regulation.

Test and review of the Vantage FX trading platform
Like numerous other brokers, Vantage FX offers Metatrader 4 and 5 as a trading platform. This platform is available for every device. You can use your computer, cybersurfer or mobile device. The Metatrader has formerly been tested numerous times and is largely developed. It’s one of the stylish trading platforms for dealers. Our tests and gests confirm this because we like to use the Metatrader ourselves. In the following section, we will introduce you to the features and functions of the trading platform.

Offered trading platforms

  • MetaTrader 4
  • MetaTrader 5

Vantage FX mobile App

Charting and analysis for successful trading
For the charting, several ways of representation can be used. Also, fresh add-ons or pointers can be added to ameliorate the charting. The Metatrader will be installed with a wide range of standard pointers. These are generally sufficient for a detailed analysis. On request, still, tone-programmed tools can also be added to the software. This isn’t a problem, because the Metatrader is veritably functional.

There are enough delineation tools available for specialized analysis. Whether vertical or perpendicular lines. In this software, you’ll find everything you need to perform a professional analysis.

Data of the Metatrader4/5

  • Pointers for trend and reversal trading
  • Specialized delineation tools
  • Install add-ons and tools for free
  • Multi-Charting
  • Veritably fast prosecution
  • Stoner-friendly
  • Available for any device

Mobile trading any device

As mentioned over, the Metatrader is veritably compatible. You only need single access for each device. With your account data, you can log in to any device. Mobile trading is necessary moment and is needed by numerous dealers. For illustration, reply to the go-to instigative request news or simply control your portfolio. Positions can be opened and closed in a many seconds via smartphone.

Open your free account with Vantage FX

Account opening is veritably easy with Vantage FX. Produce your trading account in just a many way. In the following section, we will guide you through the depot opening. After entering your particular data, the dispatch address must be verified. In addition, the broker asks before the first deposit you to corroborate the account with applicable documents.


up to 100%
no Deposit Bonus

Vantage FX is a well- known company from Australia, which also serves transnational guests, but is Vantage FX a good forex broker or not? – In this review, you can read about my particular gests with the leveraged derivations online broker. Find out about the conditions for dealers and find out if it's really worthwhile to invest your plutocrat there.